Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You May Have a Degree, But I Have Blog Awards!

I'll admit, I'm new to this whole blogging thing. However, I am so excited that in the last two weeks I have been given two awards by some kick-ass fellow bloggers! I've decided to accept and pass them on in this one post, killing two birds with one stone if you will. Jeez, isn't that such a violent way to say I can do two things at once? Anywho...here goes:

The first award was given to me by Mom of The Perpetually Grounded. Her blog is funny, touching, and most of all, completely honest. I am honored to accept the award for Honest Scrap!

To accept this award you must list 10 honest things about yourself:

1. I love my two boys beyond description and never feel as if I'm "missing out" by not having girls. Besides, no one would guarantee I would have a girl so I stopped trying.

2. I am a lot like my mother...I tend to say things to my kids then think "Mom? Is that you?"

3. I live in New England and I seriously believe that I ended up here by mistake...I'm sure my ancestors are from a tropical place and somehow things went horribly wrong.

4. I wear sweatpants in public...not cute matchy track suits; elastic bottom sweatpants. My favorite pair has a huge hole in the upper inner thigh. Feel free to judge me, but I won't stop doing it!

5. I am deathly afraid of flying, and the fact that people on the "no fly list" are still able to board a plane isn't helping.

6. I've never had a nickname (that anyone has called me to my face anyway).

7. I've been on a diet for the past seven years...My youngest son is almost five and I still say the extra weight is because "I just had a baby".

8. I worry about my children to the point that it makes me physically ill sometimes (you would think that would help with #7, but not so much).

9. I love to watch sports and drink a nice cold beer (this may be why I'm OK with #1).

10. If I had the chance to live my life all over again I wouldn't change a thing!

Now, enough about me. Here are the two fellow bloggers I would like to nominate for this award:

Jen over at The Accidental Housewife. Warning: Don't try to drink your coffee while reading; it may come out your nose!


Dalia at Generation X Mom. She always has great topics and really gets her readers involved!

The next award was given to me by Katie at Desperate For Coffee. Again, this is a great honor because I love her posts. They are fun to read and she's very honest! Thank you for the Sunshine Award!

For this award I must pass it on to 12 bloggers I enjoy. And the nominees are:

Donna @ The Obnoxious S.A.H.M.
Jeff @ Men Are Dumb, and I Should Know
Gina @ The Ish Blog
Mombshell @ The Mombshelter
Nikki @ The Lunatic Cafe
Camryn @ Mean Mommy University
Dumb Mom @ Parenting BY Dummies
Crystal @ We Aren't Perfect
Motherbumper @ Motherbumper
Truthful Mommy @ The TRUTH About Motherhood
Katherine @ This Or The Housework
Natalee @ Raising Normal Kids

Some of you may already have these awards. No strings attached, do with them what you will and just think of this as free advertising for your awesome blogs. Also, feel free to spend the day telling everyone that you won a major award...I give you my permission!


Gina said...

Thanks so much!!! I'll get my post up in a few days.


My Mercurial Nature said...

Congrats on your awards! Isn't that fun!?! Oh, and I worry about my kids (and various other things) until I'm physically ill as well. Ugh!!

S Farrell said...

Thanks so much! It really is fun. It's all so new to me but I love it! I hear ya about worrying, I feel like it's all I do!

Camryn said...


Thanks for the nomination! I haven't seen this award--wow!

You know, I am afraid of flying too! I HATE airplanes. I would rather take the two weeks to cross the entire US to get to ANY destination with whiney and crying kids, than to board a plane and fly somewhere.

Why do they continue making movies with life-like plane crashes? That doesn't help the phobia either.

Thanks for the award!

Mom of the Perpetually Grounded said...

Wonderful list and #10 the most important thing in life, me too. But my favorite is number 3. Now I know what happened. I've been craving New England most of my life and I've been stuck in this hot, palm treeish place. Obviously we were given to the wrong parents. My dad got all confused (by my mom)during WW2 and forgot to go back to Boston.

Mom vs. the boys said...

good job Mama, lots of awards!
I don't think I've ever had a nickname either-again not one that people told me about!

S Farrell said...

I think if I lived somewhere other than New England I would still complain, I definately love the changing seasons but prefer a frozen cocktail in the Carribean!
I hope my fear of flying doesn't effect my kids too much..they always ask when we can go on a plane!

Anonymous said...

Your taste in blogs is impecable! Thanks for the shout out!!!!

S Farrell said...

Anytime Mombshell! Love your blog!

adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

watching sports with a nice cold beer would be fabulous on a white leather couch! :D

Truthful Mommy said...

Thanks so much for the award.Please come to my blog. I have goodies for you!http://motherhoodthetruth.blogspot.com/2010/05/drum-roll-please.html

Anonymous said...

Hi, FOund your blog today, and a new follower! I'm shelly, nice to meet you!

Katherine said...

Thanks so much! And good on ya for doing 2 awards in one post! I usually stretch those buggers as far as they'll go! You know.. so I can post with out actually putting in much effort! Thank you for giving me that opportunity hehe!

Nikki said...

I thought for sure I had thanked you on this, but it seems I didn't.

Thank you ever so much for this award! Love the blog, love your comments, and LOVE the award. MWUAH.

Crystal said...

YOU LIKE ME!! Thanks for the award! I'm putting a link up to this on my site. Love it.

Dalia - Gen X Mom said...

Thanks so much for the award! I have been sort of MIA all summer. (The 'kids out of school' thing that you write about above! :) Working slowly on catching up.